8900 Proportioner

Plural Component Fixed & Variable

The 8900 Proprortioner integrates high operating pressures, a

streamlined design, large metering cylinders and few

moving parts to produce a high performance,

low maintenance dispense system for

two-part, high viscosity adhesives and sealants.

The 8900 dispenses precisely-proportioned, two-component

materials regardless of flow rate.

Quality makes the 8900 the production-proven meter/mix system of choice.

Whatever the job, the 8900 delivers unparalleled 

performance shift after shift.

Whether filling cartridges for aircraft sealing applications or dispensing sealant for

insulated glass, the 8900 provides day after day reliability that will improve your

operation and product quality.

How it Works

The 8900 proportioner uses fluid inlet pressure to continuously reciprocate two

connected cylinders. This fluid pressure is usually provided by two pumps which

supply consistent pressure to the proportioner cylinders.

As the major volume cylinder (base) and minor volume cylinder (catalyst)

reciprocate, they positively displace the two material components on ratio to the

outlet ports.

Specially-sized hoses connect the proportioner to a choice of mixers to ensure

ratio accuracy. Either static or dynamic mixers can be incorporated into the

system to deliver a homogeneous mix of base and catalyst.

Meter, mix, and dispense a wide range of high viscosity plural component sealants and adhesives