TAH Turbo Mixers

The Turbo is TAHs newest disposable static mixer. This patent pending product ensures superior mixing performence and allows the operator to be closer to the work piece. The square geometry consists of a series of alternating left and rigth hand elements with intermittent flow inverters. The flow inverters effectively channel the fluids from the walls into the center of the mixer.


bulletAbout half the length of comparative Spirals Mixers.
bulletConsistent high quality mixing
bulletCost Savings - reduced adhesive waste
bulletImproved Service Life - compared to competitive square mixers
bulletBell detail fits on standard meter mix manifolds
bulletOutlet end accepts ProTip accessories
Turbo Bell mixer





Mixing Elements


inch mm inch mm RETAINED VOLUME - ml
180A-818 0,344 8,7 18 5,1 13,0 6,5
180A-824 0,344 8,7 24 6,3 16,0 7,5
180A-836 0,344 8,7 36 8,8 24,4 11,0